Thursday, August 8, 2013

Macy's Mom

Yesterday I got the privilege of meeting Jack. Jack just made his debut on Tuesday and is already a stud! While I was at the hospital meeting Jack I got to see his Grandparents meet him for the first time. This is the first time that Shari and Mike are grandparents, they were so sweet. Thanks Dunham’s (and Webb’s) for letting me share in your joy! Shari said to Bryan, “I don’t think I can call you Bryan anymore, you are Jack’s dad now.”
Macy and Jack

For the first time I really thought about it, I’m Macy’s mom. How cool, I get to be Macy’s mom the rest of my life! I’m honored to carry such a title. Someone’s “mom” is a pretty awesome role, BUT guess what? I get to be Macy’s mom. Macy already has an amazing personality; she is feisty, sassy, sweet, strong, and bashful. I love every quality she possesses.

One of my favorite things about my sweet 2 month old is that she is shy in public, but “own’s it” in the privacy of her own home (much like both of her parents). Those of you that know Macy…she likes to play opossum. She already pretends to be asleep so others won’t try to hold her or talk to her. When she is at home though, especially if it is just the three of us, she has such an outgoing personality. Macy is the center of attention, not only because she is a cute little baby, but because she makes sure you know she is there. It makes me laugh because I can already see what kind of young woman she is going to be. Another favorite thing about her personality, she kinda yells when she talks. Most babies are cooing and finding their voice around 2 months. Making sweet little gaga’s and goo’s. Macy does that, but if you don’t talk back, she kinda starts to yell at you. If you don’t know her you think she is getting upset or that she’ll start crying soon, nope wrong. She just kinda already has that "listen to me" attitude.

Today I’m feeling so blessed to be Macy’s mom. I love that I’m able to be with her all day and get to know her and see her change!