Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 10 of what is happening lately (no special order)...

10. Enjoying the drive: Blasting K-love while driving with the windows down
9. Trips to OK: Tis the season of driving south every couple weekends and soaking in the orange and of course loving the red dirt!
8. The weather: I love 100 degree weather and I love 70 degree weather so really I'm just happy to enjoy it all.
7. My J-O-B: This year is going great with my fun student. I am loving my two favorite 1st grade teachers and really loving the new drive time of 30 minutes.
6. Fall: On the first day of Fall my amazing husband sent me 4 bushels of beautiful mums.
5. Baking: Birthday season makes for some great baking. Today I made "scooby snacks" for Levi's 2nd Birthday party on Sunday.
4. Orange and black: Loving being back in Stillwater for games.
3. Sewing: I made a new bag this week out of old football jersey's and cute grey and white polka dots.
2. Our new house: I am loving decorating and having my own space for the first time ever!
1. Football season: Southeast finally won a game last night, the boys were pumped! OSU is rockin it too!