Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Daniel Fast

Almost a month ago we started a fast. The Daniel Fast was presented to us and we decided to jump in head first. Mike and I really like to be challenged. We knew this would be tough and that was one of the main reasons we wanted to do it. The first week was definitely the hardest. I was addicted to caffeine, now I didn't have it in abundance everyday, but it was enough to go through the withdrawl headaches. Those first three days were rough! Not only was I dealing with headaches and hunger, but I was dealing with meal planning and the time it takes. I really had to learn how to plan meals because we couldn't have anything off our normal meal list. We could have different elements, but not any complete meal. We had to be creative. Most of all we had to be open-minded. Along the way I met so many people that said "there is no way I could do that." Let me tell you...if you want to, really want to, you CAN do it. Did I have to eat things I didn't really like? Yeah, sometimes. Did I find new things I could eat? For sure.

So, how are we doing since the fast? Good. The first week after the fast we were out of town a lot and had to eat out. That was tough. We were having the opposite feelings from when we started the fast. The first week of the fast we were craving eating out, the first week back to "normal" we were craving home cooked food. Since we've been off the fast and eating at home, we have been trying to find a happy medium. Still eating rice and stir fry veggies but adding a meat element. Eating some sugar, but not at every meal. My goal has been to eat food from the fast for breakfast and lunch and then other foods incorporated for dinner. I've done alright.

What I've gained from the fast: a more willing trust that God has my back and can help me in anything! I am also interested in reading the label of what I put in my body. I learned how cool Daniel is, as Mike said, "Daniel is straight G(angster)!"

I'm so thankful we challenged ourselves with something that brought us closer to each other, our friends, and the Lord.

House Hunting part II

Already a disappointment. I know a little different than yesterday. I was really pumped about it all, but then I found out the house we really had our sights on has gone off the market. Three houses on our list of 7 were nixed today because of one reason or another. I'm kinda bummed and things haven't even started. I am really trying to seek the Lord in what He wants for us. Please help us by praying for us, where the Lord wants us, and that we can really follow His plan!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

House Hunting

Well...we've almost been married for 3 years and we're finally considering the commitment of buying a house. We've looked at one. It was a good start. Good price, good "stats," and the neighborhood was a good one. But, it was kinda outdated, not very clean, and the kitchen was small. One thing I dislike about our rental house right now is there is no cabinet space. If it were my own I would have added some because there is room, but it isn't mine so I've just been dealing with it.

So, when I look at a house my first criteria is kitchen space or the possibility of kitchen space. When Mike is looking at a house he wants his own bathroom/man area and he'd love some land. Mike grew up in the country and is a true country boy. We never really expected to find a house in our budget with land, especially somewhere not too far out from Wichita.

Good news. We found one. We've not looked at it yet, it may be a total flop, but there is possibility! I told my mom and she says it is too far away, BUT I keep telling her it is closer than Oklahoma ;-)

We have plans to look at it and hopefully 7 more houses this Thursday. We are so excited! Updates to come. I also plan to blog about our Daniel Fast as well. Just add that to the To Do list.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Life with a Cheerleader

One of my older sisters has the most natural cheerleader personality of anyone I've ever met. She always has the attitude of cheering people on, encouraging people in whatever they are going through. My sister Jacque is a cheerleader. Now, Jacque was a high school and college cheerleader, but that isn't what I'm talking about in this blog. 

No matter what I'm going through my sister is there to cheer me on. In our adult life I can't remember going through something without Jacque there encouraging me. She isn't one of those people that is always happy and cheery and annoying, but she is encouraging. When we decided to look into adopting, she was the first one to get excited for us and support our decision. As I was telling her about our fast, she jumped on board, but reminded me that it wasn't going to be easy. She isn't one of those people that just goes along with whatever you think is right and want her to agree with though. When we started fertility treatments she was skeptical, along with her concerns she expressed confidence in our decision to go ahead with it. Jacque also reads my blog and I like that. 
My sister is not only encouraging, but she shares her children with me. The BEST gift she could ever give me. She trusts me to love, take care of, play with, and be an example for her children. She allows me to be the best Aunt I can be, I love my sister (and brother-in-law) and my niece and nephew! Thanks J for being an awesome sister, mom, friend, and cheerleader!