Friday, April 22, 2011

We had a blast at the ZOO!
I couldn't pass up buying Levi and Lanie these cool stuffed snakes!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The day will not be a failure...

This morning I skipped my workout (for the first time in 5 weeks) BUT I'm ok with it. I am going to workout later and the day will not be a failure. As I was getting dressed this morning my shirt...that I've not worn in me better than the last time I wore it! Yay! I've not been getting the best results on the scale, but if my clothes are fitting better (or a lil to big) then I don't care what the scale says.

I have some capri's from a couple of summer's ago that are too small and my goal is to be able to wear them by June. That gives me almost 2 months to drop about one size. I think this is very attainable, but encouragment doesn't hurt, so if you want to cheer me on go ahead!