Tuesday, December 9, 2014

November: 30 days of Thankfulness

August...wow, it has been since August.

Today I bring to you my November Thankful List...I've been keeping this in the notes section on my phone and trying to update it as best as I could throughout the month.

Day 1: Friends and Family. We felt so much support from those we love that came out to Mike's tailgate.
Day 2: Freedom to be a Christian. Praise Jesus.
Day 3: Gifts. I enjoy thoughtful gifts. Giving them mostly, but when I get them it is always a pull on my heart strings. Shanna, I love my new book. Every married person should read, From This Day Forward.
Day 4: Nap time. My baby doesn't take a quality nap unless I lay with her in the bed. It used to bother me, but now I take advantage of cuddling with my only little once sweetie. The world can wait for two hours each afternoon.
Day 5: Neighbors. If you don't live next door to your Grandma and your Mom, you really should.
Day 6: Cupcakes and Crockpots. I love to bake and cook. I always enjoy cooking and baking, even when things don't turn out like planned.
Day 7: Group text. "Baum Girls" texting is great, I appreciate the ongoing dialogue with my mom and sisters. 
Day 8: My Momma. She deserves my thanks each and every day.
Day 9: Sisters. I love how I can count on my sisters no matter what.
Day 10: Joy. I've found it really hard to see the true joy in my life. I have it, I just overlook it. Macy proves true joy to me all the time.
Day 11: Lanie and Levi. Almost 7 years ago I became an Aunt and again 5 years ago. I never knew how quickly my heart could be captured by those sweet little babies.
Day 12: My car. It's not great, it's not new. But, it's warm and it gets me there. Gas. The money to pay for gas. Insurance. The money to pay for insurance.
Day 13: Friends. Aubrey and Lindsay, it's great going through this baby thing together. I've loved having you girls at MAPS this year! Someday we will be those ladies at the front sharing about each other.
Day 14: Friends. Laura and Brielle. No words can describe the friendship God has provided through you two.
Day 15: Friends. Amanda and Sarah. Alex, Susan and Sharon. We have great times of celebration together.
Day 16: Friends. Our "Home Team" Dunhams, Griffins, Ewys, Funks, Rotolas, and McColms. We are blessed to have married people to meet with weekly. 
Day 17: Dance Parties. I am loving that my little is pumped to have dance parties whenever we feel like and to any music!
Day 18: My baby's Daddy. He sure isn't perfect, but he really does love and take care of us.
Day 19: Having a job(s) I truly enjoy.
Day 20: Hobby Lobby. I know this one may seem silly, but I love that store! My 18 mo old doesn't say very many words, but she has her own version of Hobby Lobby...we might go there at least once a week during the gifting season especially!
Day 21: My Hubs. I think he already got a day, but really he deserves thanks every day. I couldn't be the mom I am without him.
Day 22: Dreary Saturday mornings spent in sweats having good conversation, coffee, and donuts.
Day 23: Wonderful birthday parties
Day 24: I didn't have anything on this day...let me think of something now...God's gifts. Not like things we get from other people, but those gifts he has given us to give to other people. One of my gifts is thoughtfulness and remembering little details about someone or something they've said. I try to use this in a way that can bless them when they're not expecting it. I find so much joy in doing something little that makes a difference for someone, even if they don't notice it! I'm also thankful for other's gifts that God has given them, because they're so different from mine!
Day 25: My parents.My mom and dad went to the hospital 30 years ago to add a third lil girl to their family. I'm thankful today for the last 30 years and for my parents. I miss my dad, but God really worked in us before Dad passed away and I'm truly grateful for that. 
Day 26: Family Pictures. For my entire life we've done a family picture at Christmas that we send to our loved ones, they are always eventful! Thanks Jacque, everyone should go follow her page on facebook. 
Day 27: Traditions. Old and new. I love all of the traditions that my family does around the holidays, but I am also very excited about starting new traditions as a family. 
Day 28: Black Friday. We went to Sears at noon on Friday and came out with a damn good deal on a washer and dryer set. Something we needed anyway (we've not had a set for a couple months) and a good price!
Day 29: Bible School. I love my Bible study girls. We do some pretty intense studying of the Bible together, but we also share life. Someday when we are old and gray we will still be talking about Beth Moore as if she is in our group!
Day 30: This may seem silly, but I just want to, on this last day, be thankful for all the people in my life that make me who I am. The places I've been, the things I've seen or done (good and bad), all of it. I've been in some really dark pits in my life and I've been on some really great mountain tops. I am so thankful for my relationship with Jesus, not my religion (although I like that too), but my real, raw, uncovered relationship with Jesus. 

If you made it to this point, thanks for reading.