Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Lately the Lord has really been working in me. He shows me daily how much He loves me even when I don't deserve it.

In the most common ways He is there. The other day I was dreading a conversation that I knew was coming up, the Lord stepped in and took care of it for me, I didn't have to even make the call. I can't count on both hands how many times daily I see Him working in my life.

Yesterday I found out that the student I work with during the school year is going to be in a certain class. I was hoping for this outcome and had some anxiety while the decision was being made. There He is again working for me, not what feels like against me.

Today we got a call from the apartments that we've been looking at for the last couple weeks. We got approved and will be moving in August. Unfortunately we won't be able to move in until the 10th or later, but none the less we are taking a step and moving. Another situation that was causing me anxiety went from a worry to a blessing.

Today I went for a procedure to find out if there were any problems with my falopian tubes. The test went well and the doctor saw no cause for concern. The Lord has blessed me once again. We are still waiting for a baby to be made, but in the mean time I am so thankful that I'm finally seeing the blessings instead of the things that feel painful and make me feel defeated.

I am so blessed to have great Christian friends, an amazing supportive family, and the best husband a woman could ask for by my side.  I told my 3rd graders on Sunday morning that I loved the songs we sing in the Ballpark on Sundays and that they get stuck in my head every week. So, I will leave you with some that are running through my head... "The Lord is for me not against me!" "Shout it out that I love Jesus, tell the world that GOD IS GOOD!"

Monday, July 11, 2011

It has been a month!

Wow...I can't believe it has been more than a month since I last posted. Well of  course a lot has happened and we've just been going non stop.
Let's see, last month was the River Fest. Now some people hate it, some kinda enjoy it, but I love it. I have always loved it. My family has been going to the River Fest my whole life plus some. I don't mind the change in dates, I don't mind the craziness of the River Run, I love eating at the food court even though it is bad for you and expensive, and I love being with friends and family in downtown Wichita.
Mike, Levi, and Me eating a curly fry loaf
Lanie, Mom, Levi, and Jac watchin fireworks
Lanie, Me, and Levi finishing the River Run

On a not so fun note we had to make 2 different trips to Beggs, OK for funerals in the last month. The first was a classmate of Mike's. Unfortunately I've been to quite a few funerals in my life, but I seriously think the sermon at this funeral was the best I've ever heard. I loved the way Pastor Williams made the message of salvation relateable to the man who died and all of those who knew and loved him. The second funeral was Mike's Aunt Lousie. Both of theses deaths were very unexpected and I could see that in the grief of the ones close to them. Mike's family joined together and celebrated Lousie. From everything I heard about her I learned she loved family and wanted them all together "like old times." She was smiling down from heaven as her family came together in great food, dancing, and great conversation.
Home Sweet Home
Mike, his mom, sisters, niece, and nephews

While home we were able to hang out with some of Mike's amazing friends. I'd never met some of them, but by the end of the night I was one of them, not a married in outsider, but one of the gang.
some of Beggs class of '03

We did some birthday celebrations as well in the last month. Lanie and I went to Lena's 2nd birthday party. Our family had a couple birthdays. My sweet niece Lanie celebrated her 3 1/2 birthday. 1/2 birthday you ask? Well, Lanie was born on Christmas Eve so in order for her to have friends over for a party on her birthday my sister Jacque decided to celebrate her 1/2 birthday with a big party each year.
Lena's Party

Lanie's cake (made by Gma Kay) and the smart and beautiful Lanie Noel

I love my family. I have cousins all over the US, a lot in town, and some extra special ones in Grand Junction, Colorado. Pricilla, Gracie, Ruby, Alice, and Milo came for a visit this last week. We had a great time with family get togethers at my Uncle's house, down by the River, and at a cousin's birthday party. When I was in high school my Grandma Donna took me to Grand Junction 3 summer's in a row. What a blessing! It was a great opportunity for me to travel, get to know my Grandma, and to get to know my cousins. The first summer I was there Alice stole my heart. She reminded me of my big sister and she treated me so kindly, making sure I was welcome and having fun. No matter how long we are apart we can reconnect in seconds and feel like we haven't missed a beat. Seeing Gracie and Ruby was such a blessing as well. I love that every time I hear or say Ruby I have two beautiful ladies to think of, Aunt Ruby and her Great Granddaughter Ruby Harlow. I know Ruby will grow up and live up to the legacy her GG left behind. I also got to see Molly, a cousin from North Carolina that I've not see in a long time! It was great to see her and her family.

Alice, Milo, Ruby, and Grace
The whole crew
Molly, Jess, and Zona and their families

Lastly, the Cabin.
I love our cabin in Oklahoma. Another summer tradition is going to the cabin and spending lots of time with family. I have always loved the cabin, I really can't get enough. We don't get to go out on the boat all day like old times, but we have fun! We play cards, cook good food, spend time at Hulah Lake, and enjoy our lack of technology (cell phones, TVs, movies, computers, etc.).
 Levi and Lanie playin in the Lake and Mike and the kids pretending to be asleep

This summer has been amazing so far! I've enjoyed all of it so far and there is a month full of fun and joy ahead of me to finish it. 

I'm going to finish up with a lil update of my last couple posts.
The process of having a baby...we are still working on it. We've worked out a way to make things a lil less expensive which is amazing. We still have a lot of unanswered questions, even the doctor is puzzled. I am having a procedure done this week to check more intensively what is going on inside of me. Pray it all works out and a baby is in our near future.
Losing weight...I've lost a few more pounds, not as many as I would have liked, but a few is better than none! Yesterday I tried on a pair of dress pants I wore to a wedding last summer that were pretty tight and they were too big! I couldn't wear them and I was so excited! I have a goal for the rest of the summer, I want to lose 10 pounds before school starts. This is a pretty tough goal for me, but we'll see what happens.