Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Photo Challenge

So, my niece Kianna posted this on her Instagram and I really liked the idea. I knew I wouldn't be able to post each day, so I decided to turn it into a blog post. For the most part I did take each picture (or find each picture) daily, but of course some days I didn't get to it.

Day 1: selfie
Well, how could I take this pic w/o Macy?
Day 2: fav song
"Amen" by Chris August and "I Choose You" by Sara Bareilles
Day 3: lockscreen
My blue-eyed baby

Day 4: MCM (Man Crush Monday)
My Hubby, not thrilled to be photographed
Day 5: bestfriends
Kristal and Alex at my wedding : ) Still my besties!
Day 6: fav movie
Shag, a great 80s movie most people haven't heard of!
Day 7: pet

Day 8: fav shoes
Old and ugly, but they are my favorite
Day 9: birthday eyes
I switched so I could do birthday on my birthday
Day 10: mirror picture
Good thing I don't have to do these pics on my own
Day 11: something I want
I really wanted some ice cream cake!

Day 12: baby picture
Not the best picture, but the pic I could find
Day 13: WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)
My niece Lanie
Day 14: throwback
Mike and I out on the strip, I had come from a "white trash" date party
This was early on in the dating game for us
Day 15: B&W selfie
Why not take a selfie when I had just woke up and still looked a hot mess?
Day 16: quote
Scripture makes for great quotes
Day 17: sky
Beautiful day!
Day 18: fav Disney character
Belle <3
Day 19: meaning of your name
Light...makes sense my goal is to "be the sunshine" (which is really hard for me and that is why it is my goal)!
Day 20: lips/lip balm
Yeah I'm fancy, I use intense moisture lip balm
Day 21: siblings
An old picture, but it works
Day 22: ootd
"outfit of the day" I had to google this one : )
We were matching, orange tops and black sweatpants (it was a Friday of course)
Day 23: lyrics
One of my ultimate fav songs
Day 24: perfume
I've been wearing "princess" for years and I still love it!
Day 25: birthday
Celebrating ice cream cake! I got what I wanted ; )
Day 26: old picture
Pigtails, a homemade sweatshirt, and my Punky Brewster high-tops
Day 27: fav color
Orange, of course!
Day 28: family
My sisters, niece, nephew, and Mace piled on the couch at Thanksgiving
Day 29: nature
A picture I took in Seattle a few years ago, I didn't really go out on this day because I wasn't feeling good so I found one I had already taken
Day 30: funny picture
Macy watching football, she had her head cocked all the way around to see the game
Well, I had fun with this! Like I said, I didn't stick to doing it daily, but I did better than I had thought I would. I found one for December that I'm going to do as well. Until next time...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Well it's been 3 months...

My intentions are great. I even have some "unpublished" posts in the last 3 months, but as far as keeping up with my blog...yeah not so much. I can't even keep up with the dishes or the laundry or whatever task used to be easy (like showering, haha). I do have a calendar that I write something down for Macy each day, I've done pretty good, but that is an easy one-liner.

At Bible School (that is what we call Bible Study to get our giggles) we talked about what would be our book title for our life, my sister said, or if you had a blog what would it be called? Well I have that answer. "Living to be Me." When I picked that title I wanted something clever and unforgettable, but I'm not that whitty or fantastic, I'm just me. I am not like everyone else. So, the title became "Living to be Me." What does that mean? That I am simply doing me. Not you, or so and so, or Ms. Perfect, but me. I have a hard time with that because I struggle with comparison on an hourly basis, but I'm doing my best.

Did you know that when you become a mom everyone gives you advice, everyone has an answer for your baby? Because clearly all kids are the same. Moms are the same. And to make this world work every family needs to operate the same. Wait. Yeah, not so much.

My baby cries, she eats, and she sleeps. Not like your baby or the ideal baby. It took me about 3 months to realize I love Macy because she isn't like everyone else, the same reason I love Mike and that I generally like myself. She also does so much more! She giggles, she pays attention to everything, she likes to play games, she likes riding in the shopping cart, she has a "poop face," she has chunky thighs, she loves baths and getting her hair done every morning , I could go on and on

I was texting a friend today about if my infant should watch tv. I plan to leave her in front of the tv all day, while I sit back, relax, drink wine, and browse Pinterest. Hah! Yeah that is what a stay at home mom does, didn't you know? Anyway I Macy loves to be engaged, her lil hangy down toys work for about 10 minutes or her bouncey chair for another 10. Yep, they are great! So, in order to help her with tummy time, (did you know Macy is 5 months and not rolling over? I fail as a mom is what society tells me and Macy is way behind...yeah yeah, leave me alone society, she'll roll when she is good and ready) I thought 15 minutes of a show that is music and colors would be good. I don't know if it is right, but hey like I told my friend...she is already screwed, she has had immunizations and she isn't breast fed! Did you know she sleeps in our bed sometimes? I hold her while she naps and I even let her pick when or where to nap sometiems. She takes a passie, that I keep attached to her (because frankly I'm too lazy to pick it up every time it drops). What else are we doing wrong?

Today I have the philosophy that society kinda sucks (could you tell?). I just want every mom to know just do the best you can do. I need that reminder on a minute to minute basis. Figure out what is best for your family, trust in the Lord, pray always, and enjoy it! That is my advice to me in a few minutes when I've given up on it all.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. I plan to come back soon.