Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who will she look like?

Today as I was cleaning (really more of putting away things from the move) I found some pictures. I tried to find one of each of us at about the same age in about the same pose. I'm a little older in my pic than he is, but they're pretty close.

Looking at them this is my guess...big brown eyes and chubby cheeks for our little girl! The time is getting closer, we are a month away from our due date. I can't wait to meet our precious little one! 

Things with getting our house ready before she comes are a little rocky, but when I'm stressed with it all I have to remember what we are preparing for, not just the two of us anymore!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Belly Pics

I haven't obviously showed until later in my pregnancy, so I didn't really do belly pics. I decided I'd start doing weekly pics at 31 weeks, because I finally felt like there was something to show! Baby girl is doing great and growing just like she should. I do biophysicals weekly. That is a fancy way of saying they do a sono to check on her organ functions each week. Because I'm "high risk" they want to keep tabs on us. I can't complain, I get to see my little darling every week! Last time we learned that she has a lot of curly hair. Mike and I couldn't stop smiling when we heard that news. It was unexpected, I am used to the she weighs this and her kidneys look great, but to see her lil curlies on the sono, fun! Don't get me wrong, I love knowing she is growing into a healthy little girl more than anything! Next week we'll get an update on how much she weighs and how tall she is : )