Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Carrie Heffernan Moment

So, today I pulled a Carrie Heffernan. My sister-in-law Brittany likes to joke about Mike and I being Doug and Carrie...well she isn't too far off. Have you seen the episode where Carrie orders her food at an Italian Restaurant and it comes with capers? She insists that she ordered it without them, saying that they got it wrong. Well, the waiter says to her that they will fix her order...she gets upsets thinking they don't need to fix it they need to make it correctly---big difference to her.
Well...I had the morning off so I went to Taco Shop on my way to work to get some lunch. I ordered 2 flour tacos with no sauce and a bean burrito mild. I've ordered this same order at Taco shop for the last 15 years, so I'm positive I ordered it correctly. She gave me the total it was $2.85ish...well considering the fact that I've been there let's guess at least 150 times I knew this wasn't right. I tried to correct her but I couldn't get her to respond. So I drive forward, instantly say, "Did you hear Flour tacos?" She says "Oh sorry let me fix that." At this point I'm ok, no freaking out. Then as the window is closing I hear her say to the people making the food, "She wants change it to Flour instead." Most people would brush this off, but the Carrie in me thinks...no no no, I did not want to change my order I wanted you to make it the way I asked. Now mind you I thought this, I said nothing...I paid, got my food, said thank you with a smile and drove on my way. Fortunately unlike Carrie I can filter (sometimes), but the only way for me to really get over it is to tell the story 47 times and make sure everyone knows that I was not at fault in this story. This time I will not do that. I will tell the story once on here...not to prove that it wasn't my mistake (bc maybe it was, maybe I wasn't clear when ordering, who cares anyway) but to let you laugh with me about my Carrie Heffernan moments :-)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Woven with Jen Hatmaker

The church formally known as Westlink Christian Church...well the name hasn't changed yet, but it is soon to come...puts on a women's gathering each month with different speakers for the women of the church, their guests, and other churches. This month Jen Hatmaker was the guest speaker, she is awesome!
I didn't really know much about her before going to hear her speak. At first glance I felt a little intemidated because she is really beautiful. As much as I try not to I always first judge someone on how they look. I guess because I'm insecure about myself, I look at those things in other (mostly) women. My first insecurity...my hair. It is one of those things that people don't talk about, me included. I have incredibly thin hair. So thin that it makes other people uncomfortable sometimes. I have no idea why I have such thin hair and it sucks! It sucks that it is just getting thinner. Anyway, Jen has an awesome head full of long dark beautiful curly hair, the kind of curly that isn't out of control. Not only does she have beautiful hair, but she is all around beautiful. She is thin, had a cute outfit and could "just pull it off." So first thought: she is beautiful, second thought: maybe she won't be very good...how rude! I know, rude. Why, because she is beautiful, I wanted her to fail? I hate that thought! That stupid Satan just plants thoughts in your mind that you don't even want to think! And you know what? God answered back to Satan because Jen was wonderful. She is funny, witty, sarcastic, and passionate. By the end I had laughed, I had cried, and although Jen is physically beautifully by the end of her speech I really could care less about how she looked. I was so wrapped up in what she was saying. I was so impressed by her spiritual beauty. She was raw and real. Something I love, I am so impressed when people can be real, I feel blessed by the ability to do so myself.
Ok so what did she have to say? Well, what I came home with was we are not "poor" no matter what I think, I've heard it before, but this time it stuck. We have two running cars, a roof over our head, and I never worry about being able to eat. Second, she spoke about as Christ Followers are we actually following Christ? Are we only reaching out to those who already know Christ? Yes, everyone needs to be reached, but are we too comfortable in just staying in our little church bubble? Jen didn't claim to have it all figured out, she didn't speak like she had all of the answers, but she spoke from her heart. She told about her life and how th Lord worked through her family. Third, she spoke about adoption. I'm not 100%, but I think she said if 1 of 7 Christians families adopted there wouldn't be any orphans. What a thought. As everyone knows Mike and I have been trying to have a baby for a couple years now. Of course adoption has been in our thoughts. Jen really made me think! So hats off to Jen because she is beautiful, a great speaker, and she has stepped out in her faith, something that is really hard for a lot of people to do.