Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have no idea...

Two things you need to know..
1. Our Internet doesn't work well in the evenings.
Macy has been going to bed around 7, which leaves a good amount of time for me to get some things done (usually). Most of those things cannot be Internet dependent because I just can't count on it.
2. I lay with Macy when she naps.
Macy will nap for 45 minutes, sometimes a lil more, instead of the 20 minutes if I lay her down on her own. I love my lil darling, but a good long nap is not in her vocabulary. So, in my profession I have no time without baby to get things done.

Do you see how these things are related? If I can't do whatever I'm trying to do on my phone, it's hard to find the time! All of this leads me to this afternoon. Macy fell asleep on the way home from the doctor and stayed asleep as I brought her inside. I thought to myself, "Oh good! Now I can do a few of those things on the Internet that I can't normally do." I sat down logged on, opened the Internet browser, and just stared at my computer. What was it that I needed to do? "I have no idea." Yep, no clue. All week I've been trying to get done all these things...and at this moment I've got nothing.

So I wrote this pointless blog, to take advantage of having a moment, with Internet. she is awake after her 15 minute nap. Back to work I go!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

S'mores bars...yes please!

I like to eat. I love to bake. I am a diabetic. These three things together equal one big struggle. While I’m working at eating better, especially less sugar, I continue to bake because it makes my heart happy.

I love to bake for others, it helps the cause, they eat em and I don't eat ALL of em. I also love a compliment. When people love my baking it makes me feel so good. If I ever make something for you please tell me how you feel. Now, you can tell me you don’t like it, but be graceful, please. In fact if you don’t like it just don’t say anything. I don’t like fake compliments, so if you don’t like it just don’t say anything. BUT if you do like it, TELL ME! I need the validation. Yes I do.

OK all of this is to share with you my favorite dessert these days. It is a s’mores bar dessert from Pinterest. I love it and it is delicious. Two problems; it isn’t by any means healthy and it comes out a lil bit expensive. Despite those two things, I love it and I keep making it because it is a crowd pleaser. 

So here is the recipe...


This is mine baking in the oven. This last time I doubled the "cookie" portion of the recipe and used 1 and a half of the filling. This made it fit in a 9x13 pan and served more people.

If you want to visit the actual website for the recipe you can link from my "Things I've tried" page on Pinterest or find it here.