Monday, July 22, 2013

The Man of my Dreams

There is something about seeing the man you love, love your child. Wow, I can't even explain how sexy it is to see my husband love our daughter! We've been so blessed that Mike is off each summer and that Macy was born at the beginning of June, only God can do that kind of planning. Mike is a natural, he does great with Macy and even better putting up with me and my hormonal craziness. He is super supportive and so patient, he is everything I struggle with (another thing only God can orchestrate).

First chance to hold and love on her.

Macy / Mike


Lots of love!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cleaning Calendar

Since we've moved and really started to get settled in I've been struggling with how to become better at cleaning/keeping a tidy house. Now, with a newborn this task is even more difficult. We have a lot of stuff that just lays around. I wouldn't say our house is dirty, just cluttered. Don't get me wrong we have some dust, dishes don't always get washed right away, and I could get the floors cleaner, but I don't really think we are dirty. Today I've worked on a "Cleaning Calendar." Putting this together is a task that used to take me 30 minutes and now takes me about 12 hours, another thing that I'm getting used to!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bottles, bottles, bottles, oh my!

I didn't really register for bottles because I was going to be a breastfeeding stay at home mom. I didn't see the need. Ugh. Things don't always go as planned. We got a couple different bottles as gifts that we plan to use when Macy is older, but had to buy some for her at this young age.

1st thing I wanted in a bottle: Slow release. Macy is a gulper just like her Mommy, she could suck a regular bottle down within minutes. Needless to say that was not good on her tummy. Many bottles have different nipples that you buy for different stages, the flow is less for newborns as opposed to a baby at 6 months. I wanted something that was as close to breastfeeding as I could get, so the longer it took her to eat the better.

2nd thing I was looking for: Design. As I said in my post about formula design is huge to me. The fewer pieces the better. Also, I want the bottle to have features that could compare to a real boob. That might be nuts for some people, but for me (someone who wanted more than anything to breastfeed) I want my baby to get as close as we could to the real thing. Another factor in design: number of pieces. It could be based on dishes or putting together a bottle at 3 am, but I really prefer those bottles that are simple. 

My favorite bottle is the slowest release and has the nipple that most reflects the real thing and has the fewest pieces. Como Tomo wins my approval and my recommendation! And it comes in pink <insert winky face>.

Tommee Tippee, Avent, and Como Tomo 
I also added in a pic of our tub we got from the hospital, 
I keep it next to the sink, rinse out the used bottles, 
and then wash them when we have acquired more. 

Another factor in our life...bottle washing and night feeding. Whew, it makes me tired just typing about it. We've found two things we really like when it comes to washing. The drying racks. We first bough the grass, it worked well, but we outgrew it quickly. Second we got the stand. Oh man it makes a world of a difference. I definitely recommend it!
Night feedings; Macy is taking a bottle about midnight, 3am, and 6am. That means I have to be prepared for at least 3 bottles over night. Most of the time I stay up until the midnight feeding so that doesn't very often factor in to the overnight bottles. I also usually get up after the 6am feeding, but sometimes I don't and then need the 8am bottle to be in the overnight category. Ok, so I get 3 bottles with 2 oz of water preped along with the formula dispenser. I also get a different brand of bottle with 4 oz and then a small container with formula for that bottle. This helps me in my sleepiness to be able to correctly make the bottles. It is really important to me to use the Avent and Como Tomo bottles overnight because they don't have those extra pieces that I have to worry about. I also keep a bin on the second shelf of my night stand to put the used bottles in after I'm done with them. I know this all might seem crazy, but to me it is life changing! Being prepared helps me sleep better when I get to sleep.

Finding the right Formula

My formula review...

We've tried a few different types of formula Advanced, Sensitive Stomach, and Soy-Based. We've also tried a few brands, Parent's Choice, Similac, and Enfamil. 

Here are my pros and cons:

Parent's Choice Similac Enfamil
Pros: Price Used from the beginning Free Samples
Design Did well on her tummy Smell
  Suggested by others
Cons: Smell Price Price
Off Brand/doesn't have as many studies and/or reviews Design
As far as the type goes, I've not seen a lot of consistent differences. They all sometimes work and sometimes don't. One con to the sensitive stomach formula is the first ingredient is corn syrup, no matter the brand anything that is for sensitivity replaces the lactose with corn syrup. Personally, I'd rather not have the corn syrup if possible. 

I'm a sucker for design, no matter the product, if the design is to my liking I am a happy customer. You'll notice in the pictures the scoop is stored differently in the different formulas. The blue container is Parent's Choice and the scoop slides in a little notch above the powder. It doesn't have to fit into the lid with the handle on the left (I'm right handed). With the scoop on the lid I have problems getting it to fit so I end up just tossing it into the powder. That brings me to another issue...if there is no where to put the scoop or it is easier to just toss it into the powder...I have to touch the powder. Ew. I don't like the texture or the smell of the powder in the first place so having to touch it every time is gross to me. 

Lastly, the price. We don't make a lot of money and we'd like to save when we can. There is a pretty big difference in name brand vs. off brand. Go Parent's Choice! Lol. They have the very same ingredients. 

My last option is to try a whole food store and check their price and ingredients to see if we can afford to use a formula that possibly has more natural ingredients. Unfortunately, nothing about formula is "natural." Breast milk is the best option hands down BUT that isn't an option I have so I have to do the best I can


Hospital Check List

While I was pregnant I found many hospital check lists. They were all great and I was thankful to have them. I put together what I most needed not because I think it will inspire hundreds of new moms, but I want to be able to remember what I needed most if I ever get the blessed chance to be a pregnant mom again.