Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walk by Faith

So, about two months ago I stopped listening to the Bobby Bones morning show. Not because I dislike it or it was inappropriate, but mainly because my antenna broke on the Runner and I had no radio. Now, if you know me you know how much I love that morning show, for my 45 min drive to work I was completely entertained and laughed out loud daily. Before I got my antenna fixed I decided to change my morning habits, give up a morning show I loved and spend time with the Lord each morning. More recently (since I started going to the Y before work each morning) I've listened to the radio until the morning news report and then started my payer time.

WELL the reason for the huge intro is to say how listening to Christian music really does affect me. I tend to get songs stuck in my head (when I had no radio I had a youth church song in my head for a week because it was the only music I had heard) and when the only music you hear is "Living He loved me, dying He saved me and burried He carried my sins far away" then you think that throughout the day. For me this makes a difference, other people may be able to listen to whatever (and thats totally ok). Don't get me wrong I love lots of music and I can't say that I don't ever listen to secular music.

WELL another reason for another huge intro is that this morning (I've had a very rough couple of days this week) I heard a song I've heard tons of times, but this morning the Lord SHOUTED to me (maybe at me) through this song by Jeremy Camp..." I will walk by faith even when I cannot see (You)." Today I needed to hear that. I needed to be reminded that when things seem so rough and I can't find the Lord, He is still there. He doesn't leave me. I might push Him to the back burner, but I'm always on His radar. Today I'm not having a rough day, my issue hasn't be solved, I'm still very emotional, but today I can remember that if I just walk by faith then I'll be more than ok. I could have not posted that yesterday or the day before because I very selfishly cared too much about myself to bring God into my hurt. He does not cause the hurt. He has a plan for me, I am happy with the plan? Not at the moment, but I will still have faith and I will continue to walk in that Faith, even when I cannot see what good is coming from these struggles.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things I wish I'd Known Before I got Married by Gary Chapman

In buying this book I didn't really know what it was, but the title caught my eye. After starting it I learned that it was more of a premarital book with questions and kind of a how to aspect of what to look for in your relationship before you are married. I bought the book intending to send it to a friend, she will need it more than I did because she hasn't been through counseling. Luckily our premarital counseling taught us a lot of the same information.

My favorite chapter was chapter 12: I wish I had known that...personality profoundly influences behavior. The reason this was my favorite is mainly because I love learning about personality, personality traits, and all those things in between.
Some of the comparisons are Half Full or Half Empty, Neatniks and Slobs, Dead Sea and Babbling Brook, Passive and Aggressive, Professors and Dancers, and The Organizer and the Free Spirit. I love the section on Dead Sea and Babbling Brook mainly because Mike and I fit it perfectly! Bet you can't guess which one of us is the babbling brook??? I constantly need to be reminded that it isn't that he doesn't want to talk to me, but that he is perfectly comfortable in silence. He tells me exactly what needs to be told and not much more unless I ask. Chapman says in this book that the Babling Brook is more of a painter and the Dead Sea is a pointer; meaning I explain something with every single detail I can remember as opposed to the pointer who gives much less detail and is very "get to the point" in their communication. It was a good reminder that most Dead Seas don't mind questions and will answer if you ask, but more than likely they won't just give up the information on their own. Also that Babbling Brooks would be really hurt if they were told to get to the point or to stop talking.
I also really enjoyed this chapter because most relationships have one or the other personality types, it is cool to see which one of the couple is which. It is also really neat that you can be one or the other or you can each be a little bit of both. I would say that I may lean towards being the aggressive one in our relationship, but then there are times that I'm the passive one and Mike usually saves the day by stepping up to be the aggressive one.
Chapman mentions that if you are one way you stay that way and don't change. I think this is true to a degree, but learning from each other and working on your relationship can sometimes cause a change in re/actions.

Overall this is a great book for those of you that are in a serious relationship and are thinking about a marriage covinent with someone.

Yay for my first book review! Enjoy your afternoon.

Monday, March 7, 2011

This is the year!

This is our year for improvement. Mike and I have set some goals for ourselves. Some things were suggested by others, some are life changing, and some are strictly to try and enjoy life more!

1. We are both going to make the life change to be healthy. Not only to lose weight and to make our bodies look better, but to feel better. We have changed our diet (one main thing is to eat out less), we have implemented going to the gym, and having a better outlook on the whole plan in general. I have started going to the Y each morning (getting up at 5:20 yikes). Yes, am way more tired at the end of the day, but I seem to do better the rest of the day when I start my morning by being active. Mike plays ball 3 times a week and has been lifting everyday (he loves working out). We have a heavy bag we've been training on when it is warm outside. And how do we feel??? BETTER! We've both lost or kept off some pounds.

2. Suffering. Our home team (bible study) was challenged to find something we can do as a suffering for Christ or someone else as Christ would have done. I picked something that has always been a challenge for me...praying. I am pretty consistent in praying, but not always selflessly. I am trying to pray for others more than for myself. It has been more than a year since we started trying to get pregnant and almost a year since our miscarriage. For the last year I have prayed about and for this daily with no miss. Did I consistently pray for anything else? Anyone else? No. So my suffering is to make a consious effort to put others into my prayer life. Another way I want to change my prayers is to LISTEN! I tend to forget that you pray to talk with God, not to talk at Him! Mike decided on his suffering(s) and I am excited to cheer him on and be there for him when things get tough.

3. Read more. I really enjoy a good book, do I read very often? Not so much. I want to read more, it can't hurt! I've read a two part book by Francine Rivers over the last couple months, I loved it! I started two books recently that are not fiction, but somewhat self help books. One is on changing our soul when it comes to "dieting" (hate that word) and the other is things that you wished you would have known before you were married. I want to read these books and then review them on here so that the world can see that I'm reaching this goal.

4. Admire not critisize. I am hateful sometimes in what I think of others (and myself). I am so quick to judge it is pretty gross. I don't want to be jealous of others' success, but find joy in it and learn from it.
(Speaking of...I read Jess's blog about her March goals and I thought good for her! She is really living her life to the fullest and working hard to be happy! I admire that she wants the world to know what she is working on so that she can be held accountable.)

More to break at work is over...