Monday, May 7, 2012

Woah! Where did April go???

House update: We put an offer in on a house. It is a short sale so that ironically means it takes way longer. So, for the last 4 weeks we've just been waiting. And we'll continue to wait. We love this house and really want it to work out! We've continued looking and haven't found anything else we like nearly as much. When we saw the house my first thought was, "I want to invite people over to this house." When we went in I immediately pictured a birthday party at this house and I also made sure we could fit our 12 other Home Team members in the living room, that is a sign right? ;-) So, say a little prayer that if this is the house that everything will work out in our favor.

Summer Job update: Mike got a job working Extended School Year, which means he'll work at Southeast for the month of June teaching Biology. It is a half day 4 days a week, exactly what he needs. I got a job at the church working Summer League, a summer day camp for school aged kiddos. I get to work with some great people and at an amazing place. I am blessed.

Adoption/Baby update: Not going as would think I would have stopped planning 2 years ago! We are close to finishing our MAPP class (through Youthville to foster/adopt). After the class they have suggested we take a few more steps before we get to do our Home Study. An additional 6 months is not exactly what we had planned. We don't really know where to go with all of this. We are really praying for direction in what the Lord has planned for us, we feel like there are so many decisions we have to make and we just pray we are really hearing the Lord's voice in what we should do. We are still open to many avenues of adoption...IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE LOOKING FOR ADOPTION FOR THEIR BABY PLEASE KEEP US IN MIND!

Other news: I've been able to see my best friends more in the last couple months than all year. I have 3 wonderful friends getting married in the next 2 that means we get to go to OK a lot :-) Summer Camp is being planned as we speak and I'm really excited for an awesome camp this year. The Goddard Campus of Pathway is going well and Mike and I really enjoying being a part of it (I've missed the last couple weeks and can't wait to get back next week)! With all the craziness, I'm really looking forward to the summer!