Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Girl

Well, she is now a little over 13 months old. But here are her amazing photos from her One Year shoot. Jacque-Inc. Photography did it again! She captured my Macy in such a beautiful way! You really should go like Jacque Inc. on Facebook. Like right now...I give you permission to leave my blog for just a minute to go over to Facebook and like the page of the best photographer I know. 

We are so blessed by this little lady! Macy is now a walking fool, she started walking about a week before she turned 13 months. She has 8 teeth. Macy can sign please, all done, and water. She doesn't like getting buckled into her car seat and she isn't a fan of naps. Macy is a gooood eater, she loves cottage cheese, frozen peas, green grapes, and just about anything you put on her tray. Macy loves dogs, she talks to any dog she hears or sees. She loves to spend time with her cousins, Aunts, and Grandma's. She enjoys playing with her Dad, he has taught her all kinds of fun things this summer. One of my favorite is that now when she laughs she covers her mouth and kinda bends over. Her favorite toys are her doctor set and her magnetic puzzles. She is starting to learn the song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes...she almost has it down. Macy likes to stop and lay down when she is playing and pretend to take a nap, as soon as I "snore" she hops up and laughs. She can climb up the stairs and is still perfecting going back down. Macy likes to blow bubbles, she now wants to do it all on her own (imagine that)! She also loves to write, she can click pens and we're working only writing on paper, haha. Macy loves to push strollers or anything with wheels, she loves to ride toys with wheels and her trike. She also loves to stand up on anything she isn't supposed to, especially the trike. Macy loves to be outdoors, but reacts really badly to mosquito bites. She enjoys swimming, but doesn't love baths. She doesn't mind having her hair combed, but doesn't like having it washed. Everywhere we go Macy gets compliments on her hair and her eyes. Personally, I just love her smile and I love that she just doesn't smile at just anyone, she has to really be comfortable to smile at you.

Let me just say, I am one proud Momma!

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