Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This whole post is about my baby.

Little Macy is so close to walking! She has been pulling up for months, walking around things, pushing her walker/toy thing, and movin' and groovin' all over the place. We've been trying to get her to walk, take a few steps at least, for the last couple of weeks. In the last few days she has climbed our stairs multiple times, but no steps on her own. I've been by her side for a couple days straight, I leave for a couple hours and guess what?! She takes her first few steps for Daddy. I am super excited he was able to see this, but pretty sad I didn't. I know in the big scheme things it really isn't that big of a deal, but today I'm pretty bummed, but also SO thankful for Macy and Mike and all they bring to my life.

Although I missed the first few steps I am pretty proud that her favorite word is "Mom." Not "Mama" like a lot of almost 11 month olds, but a very enunciated "MOM." She also likes to say "Yum," when she is hungry, "Woah," as she pretends to jump, the way she, in a high pitch, whispers "Dada," she loves to talk about her cousin "Lanie," and when the dog that lives behind us barks, she rushes over to the back door and makes a "Woof" like sound. She also copy-cat laughs, if she hears a laugh sure enough she does it. Today Mike left me a voicemail, he laughed, and I hear her in the background "ha ha ha."

It's not all sunshine, she is super sassy and independent. She already throws pretty intense tantrums. She doesn't like being told what to do, funny, like I'm so bossy at this stage. If you try to help Macy she pushes you away, if she doesn't want to drink or eat she will put on her sassy pants and push whatever it is away with lots of attitude. She learns really quickly, especially the naughty things. She knows to throw things on the floor, to work her hardest at flipping over just as you're trying to put a clean diaper on her. She also hates getting dressed. We've decided to let her smash some fingers because she just won't give in on playing with cabinet doors. (I joke that I have a pretty hands off style of parenting, I'm definitely not a helicopter mom and I'm working on how I'd like to balance it all.) Macy likes to cuddle, she gives great hugs and awesome kisses, but she isn't the cuddle when hurt kind of girl. She likes to get back in there and try again, gotta love her intensity.

Last realization I had today...I was driving by myself blasting Let it Go from the Frozen soundtrack. I love God's plan. He gave me a girl first because I'm suited to mother a girl. I really am.

Ok, The End.

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